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On-the-Go Convenience: Vcom at 7-11


You can now perform a variety of Credit Union transactions at participating 7-Eleven stores via a 24/7 self-service kiosk called a Vcom® Unit.


Vcom® Units are stationed at 7-Eleven stores across the country and provide security features and unique member verification procedures.


Services include:

· Check Deposits - up to 10 check items

· Cash Withdrawals - up to $500

· Loan Payments by Check

· Cash Loan Advances - up to $500

· Balance Inquiries

· Account Transfers from your Credit Union account(s)


You will need:
· The Credit Union's Name
· Your Credit Union Account Number
· Your Credit Union debit card, check card or credit card


To access your account(s):
· Select CU Service Centers Network on the screen
· For first time users, a PIN number must be established and questions will be asked to ensure security and protection
· Input the Credit Union's name and your account number
· Insert your Credit Union debit card, check card or credit card


A courtesy phone is also available at all units for assistance.

Currently there are 16 participating 7-Eleven stores located within 10 miles of Woodlawn (zip 21244). And over 1,700 participating 7-Eleven stores located across the U.S.


Accessing your Credit Union accounts has never been easier.


Visit your nearest Credit Union branch or contact the Call Center to locate additional 7-Eleven stores.